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How do I sign up as a vendor?


​All spots are filled for this year, but in the future...

  • If you're an artist you can apply as a visual artist during application season.

  • If you are a food truck you can email

  • If you are a business, you can sign up to be a sponsor if you'd like to table at the event. Due to limited space, only higher-level sponsors ($3K+) are allowed to table.

  • If you are a non-profit, please email 

Do you pay performers?

Yes, we guarantee pay. We cannot guarantee an exact amount though. We pay performers out of the festival revenue and that amount varies each year. We will always include the pay range from the year before in the directions above the application. 

How and when are performers paid?

Each venue pays a percentage of their profits and we combine that with the festival income and calculate each performers' share based on the size of the act. It takes awhile to collect all the shares, calculate the payments, and print and sign hundreds of checks so we appreciate your patience. It can take about three months for checks to go out. 

What does it cost to attend?

NOTHING! Our festival is completely FREE to attend. We don't even charge for parking or the shuttle (although we're sure tips are appreciated).

We DO accept donations though. It costs a lot to run the festival and we like to pay performers as much as possible so please consider donating a few dollars if you enjoy the festival and want it to continue. All of the money you donate will go to the performers.


Is this event all-ages? 

Yes, more than half of our venues are all-ages. Some of our venues are 21+ only and they will be marked on the event schedule/map brochure and on the mobile app. 

Are outside drinks allowed?

Non-alcoholic drinks may be brought into the festival. 

Alcoholic beverages must be purchased at the festival. 

Is there a place where I can check out all the bands?

Yes! Shortly before the festival we release the full schedule on our website and our mobile app, which include more information about each performer. We also release a Spotify playlist with a couple songs from almost every band performing that year. 


Bands submissions closed January 31st, 2024. THANK YOU to the record breaking nearly 800 acts that submitted this year!

Volunteers, and staff submissions are open here.


To create  community-organized events that support and showcase local music, art, and entertainment at the fun and unique venues of Millvale.

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