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Musician Submissions Open [Deadline January 31, 2018]

MUSICIAN SUBMISSIONS OPEN Deadline, January 31, 2018.

The Millvale Music Festival is currently accepting applications for musicians and bands.  Here’s what you need to do to be considered for the 2018 festival:

The date of the festival is May 12, 2018.  If you are not available on that date, please do not submit an entry.You must be within 100 miles of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to be considered.  If you are more than 100 miles outside of Pittsburgh, please do not submit an entry.Music must be original.  If you are a cover band or tribute act, please do not submit an entry form.If you are available on May 12, 2018, are within 100 miles of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and play only original music, you can fill out our online form here.

Good things to consider about your application:

We will not begin the selection process until after January 31, 2018.  Please do not contact us prior to that date to ask if you have been selected.Please do not submit duplicate applications.  If you are a member of a band, check with your band mates before making an application to avoid duplicate submissions.When we ask for a website or a Facebook page, it’s to help promote you as an artist on the festival.  If you have a website or Facebook page, it’s in your interest to provide it to us.  There is no guarantee that your website or Facebook will be listed if we are required to hunt it down.We need a link to where we can hear your music.  We don’t want a link to your website where we have to search for your Bandcamp, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, YouTube, etc. to hear your music.  Think of it this way – the more difficult it is for us to find what we need to listen to your music in order to make a determination for the festival, the more likely it is that we will move on to the next band.

For any other questions or press please contact:

Brian Crawford – Chairperson – 412-407-2744 – Paul Bossung – Marketing – 412-512-8580 – Mark Panza – Marketing – 412.951.6396 –


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