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2nd Annual Millvale Music Festival Announced (10.25.2017)

2nd ANNUAL MILLVALE MUSIC FESTIVAL ANNOUNCED Saturday, May 12th, 2018 event now accepting musical act submissions.

This community organized, day-long Millvale Music Festival will take place Saturday, May 12th 2018 showcasing the extraordinarily talented regional music scene! This second year’s festival will feature over 150 bands at even more venues in honor of Millvale’s Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary)!  As part of the non-profit Millvale Community Development Corporation, the festival also highlights the Millvale community and invigorates the local businesses.

Highlighting the growing cultural presence and businesses in Millvale, at least 17 venues will be included in 2018 including Mr. Smalls Theatre & Funhouse, Double L Bar, Grist House Brewing, Good Time Bar, Cousin’s Lounge, Panza Gallery, GAP Park, Millvale Studios, Tupelo Honey Teas, Millvale Community Library, Element Church, The Gardens of Millvale, Happy Day Lounge, Smokey’s Tavern, Tazza D’Oro, and more. All of these unique venues are within the small, walking business district of Millvale that continues to grow into something special.

The Millvale Music Festival is now accepting submissions for musical acts. They are asked to go to to make these submissions.

Music lovers are encouraged to follow the Festival at for news and announcements leading up to the Festival.

The Millvale Music Festival is seeking sponsors. These partners will enable the event’s success and the community’s growth while garnering the appreciation of a spirited, vibrant musical community. Please contact Liz Tripoli at 412.224.2666 or for sponsorship opportunities.

For any other questions or press please contact:

Brian Crawford – Chairperson – 412-407-2744 – Paul Bossung – Marketing – 412-512-8580 – Mark Panza – Marketing – 412.951.6396 –


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